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TeLL me More 9.3

Learn Spanish, English, French, German and Italian
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TELL ME MORE PERFORMANCE (version 9) is the latest version of this comprehensive learning software, only available from the developer’s website. It gives us the opportunity to learn a foreign Language: Spanish, English, French, German and Italian. Depending on our budget and needs we can purchase 3 different products for each Language: TELL ME MORE Performance 2 levels, TELL ME MORE Performance 5 levels and TELL ME MORE Performance 10 levels.
The course teaches us reading, writing, listening, speaking, grammar, culture, and vocabulary and each course is divided in 4 stages, the first one evaluates our level by making an online assessment test, the second teaches us the language, including grammar and cultural issues, the third stage includes more language exercises, and the fourth stage give us our personal progress feedback.
We can get online support from the language advisor. There are weekly news, cultural texts, audio and video files, all of which can be exported to our Pocket PC, MP3 or iPod devices.

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